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Bike Hire

Do you want to get back in the saddle but dont have a bike? Are the hills around Midlothian getting a little too tough? Well we have the answer... 


Electric Assisted Bikes

Our electric assisted bikes, you the freedom and independance to explore Midlothian without having to worry about tackling the steep hills. Each of our bikes has a range of approximately 25 miles on full charge.These bikes still require you to pedal, but with power from the onboard battery assiting your front wheel upto a legal limit of 15mph hills no longer become a problem.  

Standard Bikes

We can supply you with a standard recreational bike, perfect for getting out with friends or family for your trip along the National Cycle Network pathways connecting out major townships in Midlothian. If you need something for the kids to use, we can offer you a couple of kids bikes to really get your next family adventure off to great start. 


Trailer for Hire While all our hire bikes come with a pannier rack and bags, sometimes you just a little more space. We have a fleet of folding shopping trailers which can be attached to almost any bike, either your own or one of our hire bikes to transport your shopping back from the store. Our trailers can come with a selection of bags, and loading attachments, carrying upto 20kg. 

We have recently added to our collection with two Burley Cub Kids trailers and two child seat carriers! The Burley Cub Trailers are great for getting the whole family out to explore the local area. With room for two kids, plus storage space in the rear these are great for your next adventure.


How can I book a bike or trailer? 

Contact Us and we will arrange for you to come along to our offices and pick up what you need, it is that simple. A member of our team will demonstrate and explain all the controls for your equipment, leaving you to get on an enjoy the ride. 

Not too sure about your bike skills? Then chat to us to arrange some one to one or small group training before your ride. 

Are you an employer?

You could hire one of our bikes or trailers for a couple of weeks, challenging your staff to use it for their daily commute, or local work errands. Could you cut your employee or work related transport costs??? We set you the challenge!


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Mobile Services

Mobile Services


RUTS was established in 1981, by a group of enthusiastic motorcycling youth workers to provide activity-based group-work projects for young people. These projects used off-road motorcycling as an activity which took the interest of the young people involved and encouraged involvement, but at the same time provided opportunities for useful growth experiences, such as teamwork and taking instruction.